Hello I am Francis.

As long as I can remember, I have been drawn to drawing. For nearly a decade now, I focused his work around letters. Since then, I cannot stop to explore the alphabet and the sheer infinite ways to write and draw letters. My work is strongly influenced by American lettering styles from the 40s to the 70s with joyful, funky and destructured forms. Lately I try to focus more and more on projects around the environment and nature, but also in cultural/artsy projects. I really believe in these both markets to help the world to feel better, planet and people.

My everyday work focuses on lettering in different forms, like logo design or typographic illustrations for posters, book covers or magazines, and on type design where I create fonts.

I also do lettering workshops since 2015 and published in 2018 “the Lettering Workshops” (“les ateliers du lettering” in french), a book to help creative people to learn lettering. The book is published in french and english and available at your local bookstore. I am also a teacher at Domestika where I share my love for mid century lettering and illustration, my process, to create a festival poster. The class will be out in december 2021.

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