How I did create Basalte Fonts Family

I think it all started around 2014. I joined a friend of mine in a new atelier and started getting interesting in Street Art. And while reading one of the many magazines we had there, I stubbled upon a post about L’Atlas. I loved the geometry used in his works, but most of all how he could deal between shapes and letters, making his art between abstract and a concrete message.

Free Protest Signs for Black Lives Matter

Lately I have a lot thought about how to contribute to Black Lives Matter mouvement, but also to anti-racism in general. I have started different things and one of them is to offer lettering artworks for people who protest. So I designed 3 of them.

Going virtual…

These days are really strange and unique. I have been once in town to my office in one month. I have learned to communicate more and more via chats and messaging apps. Even my parents use Facetime now. And that’s a point I like to be honest. A week ago, I have attended the CanceledCon Conference. It is a design conference at some point made online because we could not meet. It’s a US conference but many people from around the world could attend thanks to technology. I loved the idea.

Book Review : Type and Color from Mark van Wageningen

I discovered that book, written by Mark van Wageningen, last year when I was at Berlin Letters. I was really shocked because I worked with color fonts for some months and discovering that there was a book about it was really exciting. I started to look inside and my excitement was getting bigger. First because there were great examples of color fonts, but also because the writer was giving a lot of insights and tips on how to create a color font.

My love for Type Design is growing… fast!

I have always been a big fan of letterforms but kept my attention for a long time on lettering, which seemed more natural to me. The non systemic way to work with letters was ideal and gave me the opportunity to express myself. At different times, I tried to get interested in designing fonts but found it really frustrating and not really fun.

The Typocondriac Newsletter

I finally take the time to talk to you about a project I have had on my mind for the last few months : setting up a real newsletter, where I share news about my work but also about the type world.