Chinook Logo

In 2021, I had the chance to read a fantastic book called “Kings of the Yukon”, from Adam Weymouth. This is a fantastic true story of the author going along the river Yukon, on a canoe, and this, for 3000 miles down to the sea. 

Along his trip, he has a king of mission, which is to understand how salmons reproduce themselves. How they come back at the source of their birth. How they can swim up sometimes around 1000m elevation difference, and for 2000 miles to find the place they are born and when they reproduce.

So Adam is going to sail that river, meet many great people, mostly native indian people, and they are going to help him understand the trip of these salmons we call “Chinook”, the royal salmon.

I love to express my skills through things I read or I see and here I wanted to create a kind of logo for a lodge which would stand in the middle of nowhere but on the banks of the Yukon. And we would call it “Chinook”.


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