The Great Alone

I am a big outdoor fan. I do hike a lot, and I love reading books about hiking adventures. The same for movies or documentaries on the subject. One trail I would love to do is the Pacific Crest Trail, in the USA. It starts from the mexican border, crosses the desert, the High Sierras, Yosemite, North of Cafilfornia, then Oregon and Washington state to arrive at the canadian border. Around 3500 miles all together. 5 months of hiking. 

Even if it seems crazy, this is a fantastic experience I would really want to do at some point. 

Among the different books I read about that trail, I really love the one from TimVoors, The Great Alone. He really shares his daily log on the trail, his emotions, feelings and difficulties. It is also beautifully illustrated with drawings and photos. 

Like for some of my other projects, I like to design book covers to give my own take on a story. So here is what I came out with. I tried to apply my brushes, textures and grain to some illustration, always with that style of kind of collage for the sky behind. Reminds me of some Saul Bass classics and to be honest, it really helps me to stay inside my style. It fits pretty well with the lettering I did below. 

I guy, alone, walking in the middle of nowhere. Probably my biggest dream!! 

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