A Sketch for Depression Poster

This is something really important I discovered few years ago: drawing each day helps my depression or mental health in general. If I take time for me to draw or just do a quick sketch every day, my anxiety and stress go down a bit. By making it a habit, it helps as a kind of medication.

I decided to create a poster out of it so people can hang it on their wall and see that reminder each day so they remember to take their medicine: a quick drawing. It does not need to be long, 15 minutes can be enough. And if that poster/quote can help people, I will be more than happy 🙂

This poster is screenprinted with water based ink, in two gradients, on Fabriano Mixed Media, 250g/m2 in A3 format (29,7x42cms). It was made by myself at the studio in limited edition of 16 prints (8 for each gradient). Each one is unique, numbered and signed. 

UPDATE: Orange/Pink version is now SOLD OUT! If you are interested in getting on, contact me through my contact page and we will let you know when I plan to do another print session for that poster. 


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