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Let’s play with something fresh and bold!

Cuatro is a all caps font created with the 70s and the work of Othmar Motter in mind, but also some psychedelic influence in its shapes. And I think Cuatro is a good mix of all these influences.

It all started in 2019 when I decided to do the 36 days of type challenge. It all started with an A and as I was not sure where to go, I did several drawings and ended up doing something from a square shape. From that shape, I decided to cut into it just like in butter to give the letter its signification.

I love designing A so as I was pretty happy with it, I continued each day with the same brief: create a letter from a square shape.

After 36 days I could have a complete alphabet. Then I decided to rework some letters as I was not totally happy with them and decided to do a font out of it. I did name it Cuatro, just like the 4 squares of the initial shape.

Cuatro has a strong 70s and psychedelic influence but can easily be used for branding and logo. Check the images above to find out different uses I came with.

Let’s play with the font before buying it!

Stay weird my friend

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My fonts are always at Work In Progress, which means that I can add any feature, character, style and more at any time. You will receive updated versions of what you have bought for free. Also, when a bug or an issue un a font is found and repaired, you will get the updated version of it, and again for free.

All purchases are final. I do not offer any refunds or exchanges for other font files. Please place your orders carefully.

Any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement terminates your license to use the fonts. After any termination of the agreement you must destroy any copies of the fonts.

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