The Typocondriac Newsletter

I finally take the time to talk to you about a project I have had on my mind for the last few months.

After I released my book, I wanted to create a podcast about letters in general. I particularly wanted to invite artists who were in my book and talk about their work/process. But I quickly realized it was not possible. It would be too much work between finding time to prepare, interviewing, managing audio and perhaps video.

So I decided I could write interviews, here on my brand new blog. Far much easier for me. And I would love to share it with my community. That’s where the idea of creating a newsletter came out. I do receive some really good mail from people I like the work. And I like very much receiving it through my mailbox. It feels more personal to me. One of my favorites are the ones from Austin Kleon and Jocelyn K.Glei. They share each week a few thoughts about their work but also share good reads or news they found on the internet. They do a kind of curating work for me. And I really like it.

So I decided to create the same kind of newsletter, but around letters. And I will call it “The Typocondriac Newsletter”, about lettering, calligraphy, sign painting and type design.

But I can’t do it each week. So I decided to do it once a month. Each month I will share with you:

  • My thoughts about my work and the industries around letters,

  • New products that are on sale, like fonts, books or workshops,

  • The articles I will publish on my blog. They will be about books, fonts, artists and more. I will try to interview one people per month, starting january 2020.

  • A curated list of 10 links around letters I found during the month and I think you should know of. This list won’t be “general” but really around styles and subjects I like the most. I want to share with you what I read, not only what big news came out.

  • And a also curated gallery of inspiration I found here and there.

Some may think that I could just do a blogpost, not a newsletter. But I want you to find out about it. You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter and never hear about my blogpost. And not everyone uses RSS feeds these days. So I prefer to send you an email, it won’t be spam, just a good quality newsletter about letters.

What do you think? Is this something you would like to receive? And if you miss one, I have set up a whole page with links to the archives. So you can get back to past issues anytime 🙂

So now, the only thing you need to do to receive the Typocondriac Newsletter is to subscribe to it. Here is the form. If you already subscribed to my newsletter earlier, no need to subscribe again.

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